BYLER BUILDINGS INC. delivering a 6X10 custom building a not-so-typical location
Expert installers Arrive at the home with the new building; a custom 6X10
with different door systems on either end.

Problem? The home only has a just over 8 feet rear land clearance between
home and fence. How do they do it?
In this case, the building is carefully unloaded using a tilting trailer onto the
homeowner's driveway onto rollers.
The building is carefully rolled around a tightening corner. The installers are
very aware of the protruding gutters on the home.
The building is successfully turned (by hand...) and is now ready to move
behind the home.
After some coaxing, the building is hand positioned behind the home, leaving
some room to spare between the home and fence. The gutters and fence
were never touched. Note the building's double doors.

Blocks are added to the skids to level the building. This small yard  area is
quite sloped overall.

A homeowner provide ramp is placed. Ask
personnel about ramp availability.
A view from the opposite side. The homeowner requested doors on both end
of different configuration. This was cheerfully provided.
The installers celebrate another successful building delivery and prepare to return to
BYLER BUILDINGS INC for another delivery.
05142019 1205